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Frequently Asked Questions

It takes time to make lasting changes and see results from nutrition and lifestyle counseling! Generally, nutrition counseling occurs on a regular schedule over several weeks or months. I typically meet with my clients 2-4 times per month until they feel confident they can maintain their changes on their own.

I recommend functional lab testing only when it will help guide your personalized plan. Micronutrient testing (plasma and intracellular), stool tests, and MRT tests can help us identify the root cause of many symptoms and conditions. Knowing the root cause will help us zero in on diet, lifestyle, and supplement support to get you feeling better fast.

I do offer meal plans or meal plan templates for people when appropriate. Some people thrive on following a plan while others get overwhelmed and need more general guidance with built-in flexibility. As a result, I individualize meal plan guidance for what will help you most.

My goal is to help you feel better by identifying the root causes of your issues and then making a plan to address those root causes. Weight is not typically a root cause of illness, so that is not a focus of my work with clients. Working with me may lead to weight loss or it may not. 

I do not accept insurance at this time, though I hope to soon. I can provide a superbill upon request.

A superbill is a document you can submit to your insurance company that shows you received treatment from a provider outside of your network. Depending on your insurance coverage,  your insurance company might reimburse you for part or all of the cost of your sessions or may apply your out of pocket payment to your deductible. However, each plan is different and you should ask your insurance provider about super bills and your coverage for nutrition counseling. A superbill is not a guarantee that you will get reimbursed. 

I live and work in the beautiful state or Oregon, but I see all clients virtually.

Each state has its own rules for who can provide nutrition counseling. For that reason, when you ask to work with me, I review your location and verify to what extent I can provide services for you.  

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