Nutrition Focused Testing

Nutrition Focused Genetic Test

Eat according to your genes.

You are unique! And your unique genes set your body up to interact in our world in your own unique way.

With nutrition focused genetic analysis, you will receive insight into 77 genes that can affect your unique nutrition and fitness needs.

What is my risk for lactose intolerance?

How quickly do I process caffeine?

Do I need more protein or less?

Do my genes set me up for cravings for sugar or fat?

Am I at risk for low Magnesium levels?

With a simple test you can complete in your own home, you’ll get the answers to these and many more questions about how your body is primed to respond to food and exercise–and whether or not your genes create your destiny. (Hint: Your genes are just ONE part of your health picture. You lifestyle and food choices can work WITH or AGAINST your genes to create your health story.) 

You’ll receive a full report with explanations about what your results mean for you. And we will spend time with you talking about how you can use your results to optimize your choices for your best health!

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Stool Testing

Gut health has a huge impact on overall health. Your gut microbiome (all the microbes that live in our GI tract) affects your digestion, immune system, metabolic health, skin, and even brain and mental health! 


Assessing your stool (yep, that’s poop) with the right tools can help us assess your gut health and get to the root of some of your symptoms.


Once we know what is happening in there, we can make targeted changes to restore and improve gut health and and ultimately get you feeling better.

Micronutrient Testing

Regular blood tests for micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) may only show us part of the picture of your health. Using more specific tests can give us some great insight on whether you are actually using or storing them properly. 


Identifying micronutrient deficiency or insufficiency can often make the difference between staying stuck with health concerns and making progress toward optimal health!


Types of micronutrients tests recommended will vary depending on individual symptoms and conditions.

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Not everyone needs every test! We will discuss your symptoms and goals before ordering any tests.  Nutrition focused tests will only be recommended if the results could help us make a more effective plan.

Most insurance plans do not cover the types of tests recommended. You can always call your insurance company to ask about coverage. If any test is needed that is typically covered by insurance, we will make an effort to make sure you can use your insurance benefits for those tests.

The cost of nutrition focused testing will vary, depending on what tests you need. The cost for a test could range from less than $100 to $650+. 

I don’t typically order tests without first completing a comprehensive nutrition assessment so we can determine together what tests might be helpful to you. After completing tests, at least one follow-up session is necessary to go over results and make a plan for moving forward.

If you need follow-up testing, a session may or may not be necessary to go over results.